When did you first realize you were a performer, that what you did onstage was affecting people?
I was in this little hippy band when I was a freshman in college. We played some Grateful Dead tunes. And my friends were so happy to listen and dance…. That made me feel good.”

Tell me about meeting Lou.
I met Lou at the zoo when I moved here from Chicago. We were at an after work party and there was karaoke. I got up and sang a song and Lou attacked me afterward and said we were going to start a band.”

How long did you look for a bass player? How did you know Mike was the one?
After Phil left the band, we were on hold for a few months. However, Lou and I decided that we wanted to keep making music together as the Dogs. So we auditioned a few different cats and one, in particular, was a very good musician. But in the end something just didn’t click with us.. Mike was referred to us by some fellow musicians we know. And we knew right away as soon as we started playing together that “here’s our guy”

Who inspired you to pick up a guitar?
My mother inspired me to play guitar. She’s actually very good, though she’ll never admit it.”

What song describes your work ethic?
That’s easy.. “Easy Wind” -Grateful Dead”

What’s your favorite song to play and why?
Probably “Blue Sky” -Allman Brothers  Band.  This is a beautiful song with such a great summer feel.. Makes me think of fishin’ my old childhood river.”

Who are your musical and non musical influences?
Musical: Garcia, Howe, Gilmore, Monk, Miles, Anastasio and Zappa.. Non-musical: Theison, Campbell, Lewis, Doyle, Lindner, Stryker, and my Dad.”

Do you have any other hobbies besides making music?
I enjoy my family, fishing, cooking, and working with elephants.”

Who are your five favorite musicians?
Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman, Steve Howe, Frank Zappa, and Trey Anastasio”

What are your fondest musical memories?
One of my fav’s is in 93′ I went and saw Iggy Pop at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago… Man that really melted my face off. A REAL rock and roll show!  My first concert was the Who’s Kids are Alright tour in Chicago in 89′.. That was pretty sweet..”

Describe your first instrument.
My first instrument was a ukelele.. I got it in second grade and used to go before school started to take lessons.. I left it outside in the rain and it got destroyed. Years later, my parents bought me a viola.  I played that all through high school.  When I was a senior I took a difficult composition to solo/ensemble competition and got a sub-par score. The next day I hocked my viola and bought an electric guitar.  It was a Harmony 335 copy. I later hocked that for a japanese strat copy… One bad decision after another.. “


What’s your favorite song to play and why?
“That’s tough to say. I like playing different songs for different reasons. I really don’t think I could pick just one.”

What is your favorite song in general?
“Cheap Day Return by Jethro Tull. I know it’s about a train ride Ian Anderson took going to visit his father, but it always makes me think of an aging vaudeville performer. It’s really short and every note seems to count and make sense…I love it.”

Who inspired you to start playing bass?
“My father. I had been playing guitar for about a month and he said “you know, if you played bass you’d be able to play with a lot more people”. So I switched. I had 4 other friends that started playing guitar at the same time…so the switch worked out.”

Tell me about meeting Lou and Brett.
“I met Brett when I was in a band with a mutual friend. He came to practice to jam and I thought “I would love to be in a band with this guy”. Lou I met when I was in the same band. He sat in with us and a couple other people while we were playing a gig where we played some Sons Of Frankenstein tunes. Then as my band was parting ways, Farm Dog lost their bass player. My guitarist and mutual friend Gus called Lou and said he had a bass player for them. We got together and jammed, two weeks later we had a gig and I was in Farm Dog.”

What are some of your pet peeves?
“Being late is a big one, not using blinkers, selfishness, and a whole slew of others.”

Are there any songs you don’t play as a band yet that you’d like to see added to the repertoire?
“Teacher by Tull, Dynamo Hum by Zappa, The Real Me by The Who (or anything off of Quadrophenia). Just doing stuff that makes you go “oh yeah, I remember that one…I love that song”.”

What do you do outside of your musicality that contributes to your creativity?
“Being outside and being near some form of water. Helps clear up some of my brain to let other things happen.”

Do you have any other hobbies besides making music?
“I really enjoy photography, although I don’t do it as much as I’d like to.”

Who are your five favorite musicians?
“Les Claypool, John Entwhistle, Ben Gibbard, Ian Anderson, and Geddy Lee”

What are your fondest musical memories?
“Playing old country and bluegrass songs at my Uncle Bobby’s house when I first started playing. It would be a bunch of different people Sitting out on my friend Neil’s patio in the summertime playing acoustic. Playing at Kenny’s Castaways in the village in NYC. The first time Farm Dog played the Ocean Mist. I have a lot really.”

Describe your first instrument.
“I played the trumpet when I was in 6th grade. I quit when my music teacher asked me to play a solo at a recital.”


Lou Perrotti is in the witness protection program and therefore declines to answer any questions.